The Family Tab

When you’ve completed your data entry, select the “Family” tab to see the film or paper curves displayed in a family group. When this tab is selected most of the Curve Toolbar icons are enabled. Opening an existing file will skip the “Data” tab window and take you directly to this “Family” tab window.

Editing the Curve Points

Select the “Edit Points” arrow, or choose “Edit Points” from the “Edit” menu, and the data points will be indicated on the curves as small circles. You can highlight these points by clicking on them with the cursor arrow or by skipping around with the arrow keys. As a point is highlighted its developing time (or curve number) and its x (step number) and y (step density) coordinate values are displayed in a floating panel and also in the Status Bar.

If you want to move a curve point, highlight it, hold the Shift key down, and tap the “up” or “down” arrow keys to nudge the point one pixel at a time. The new density value will be shown in the floating panel and in the Status Bar. These density changes will also appear in the “Data” tab listings. You can undo and redo these changes by clicking on the “Undo” symbol that is now enabled in the Curve Toolbar.

The Curve Track Tool

Select the “Track” symbol on the Curve Toolbar and you’ll be able to trace any of the curve contours with the mouse cursor while a floating panel displays the curve’s developing time (or curve number), and the log coordinates of the selected point.

Smoothing the Curves

Select the “Smooth Curves” tool from the Curve Toolbar and the curves will be smoothed. This feature is for visual effect only; the curves’ coordinate values are not changed permanently.

Coloring the Curves

In the Options window the “Color Curves” feature is enabled so each of the curves in the Family display is drawn in a different color for easy identification. You can toggle this feature on and off with the “Color Curves” tool in the Curve Toolbar.

Toggling the Curve Grid Display

Click on the “Display Grid” tool in the Curve Toolbar to turn the graph grid pattern on or off. This feature is enabled (the grid is displayed) in the program Options window so unless you change the default setting there, the grid will appear in each new file.