Setting the Program Options

At various points in the program some user input is required and because some of these items are values that you’ll use in most of your files, you can preset them in the “Options” window under the View Menu. The program default values are:


Default value

Paper ES 1.0
Flare Density 0
Zone Spread 4
Analysis method Approx. CI
Personal Speed Point 2.4
Display Information Enabled
Smooth Curves Disabled
Color Curves Enabled
Display Grid on family graph Enabled
Display Grid Line Width Thin
Print Grid Line Width 1
Print all charts on  the same page Enabled
Reference Curve Default

You can change any of these settings and your changed values will be saved as your personal default values. If you decide that you want to return to the program default settings, click on the “Restore Defaults” button. Many of these settings can be changed in the various windows during program operation but those local changes are saved only with the file you’re working on. When you begin a new file the default values that appear in the Options window will again be active. Changes that you make in the Options window itself will remain in effect until you change them.