You can “Print Preview” or “Print” from any of the tab windows by selecting the appropriate tool symbol from the program Toolbar. A “Print Curves” dialog window allows you an opportunity to change the “Print scope” and “Graphing Options” if you want to. The program default settings in this window are (print) “Entire Document” and “Color Curves.” If you’d prefer to print only single pages, uncheck the “Entire Document” box.

In the “Options” window under the “View” menu item, you’ll also find “Print all charts on the same page” checked as a program default. If you’d prefer to have the charts printed individually and larger, on separate pages, uncheck this item.

Changes you make to the “Options” and “Print Curves” settings will remain in effect until you change them, or until you Exit the program. When you start up again you’ll find the program default settings restored.
When you’ve responded to the “Print Curves” dialog and have chosen “Print,” a standard printer setup window will open, offering you various options including “Print to File,” “Print Range,” “Copies,” and a “Properties” button. Since some of these options are dictated by your printer software, you should consult your printer user’s manual for information about them.