Apertures for pinhole cameras

ExpoDev labels apertures according to the standard progression of f-stops in 1/6th of a stop increments. However, some pinhole cameras specify apertures in a non-standard way. In order to use ExpoDev with these cameras you will need to know the standard aperture (in f-stops) to use for your camera. This chart will help you convert non-standard aperture to f-stop apertures. Just find the non-standard value in the chart and use the corresponding standard aperture in ExpoDev.

Note: If you cannot find the exact non-standard aperture your camera uses, just find the closest one - any difference will be less that 1/6th of a stop.
Non-standard to standard aperture conversion
Non-standard apertures Standard Apertures
ƒ/64 ƒ/64
ƒ/68 ƒ/64 1/6
ƒ/72 ƒ/64 1/3
ƒ/76 ƒ/64 1/2
ƒ/81 ƒ/64 2/3
ƒ/85 ƒ/64 5/6
ƒ/90 ƒ/90
ƒ/96 ƒ/90 1/6
ƒ/102 ƒ/90 1/3
ƒ/108 ƒ/90 1/2
ƒ/114 ƒ/90 2/3
ƒ/121 ƒ/90 5/6
ƒ/128 ƒ/128
ƒ/136 ƒ/128 1/6
ƒ/144 ƒ/128 1/3
ƒ/152 ƒ/128 1/2
ƒ/161 ƒ/128 2/3
ƒ/171 ƒ/128 5/6
ƒ/180 ƒ/180
ƒ/192 ƒ/180 1/6
ƒ/203 ƒ/180 1/3
ƒ/215 ƒ/180 1/2
ƒ/228 ƒ/180 2/3
ƒ/242 ƒ/180 5/6
ƒ/255 ƒ/255
ƒ/271 ƒ/255 1/6
ƒ/287 ƒ/255 1/3
ƒ/304 ƒ/255 1/2
ƒ/323 ƒ/255 2/3
ƒ/342 ƒ/255 5/6
ƒ/360 ƒ/360
ƒ/384 ƒ/360 1/6
ƒ/406 ƒ/360 1/3
ƒ/431 ƒ/360 1/2
ƒ/456 ƒ/360 2/3
ƒ/483 ƒ/360 5/6
ƒ/512 ƒ/512
ƒ/542 ƒ/512 1/6
ƒ/575 ƒ/512 1/3
ƒ/609 ƒ/512 1/2
ƒ/645 ƒ/512 2/3
ƒ/683 ƒ/512 5/6
ƒ/724 ƒ/724
ƒ/767 ƒ/724 1/6
ƒ/813 ƒ/724 1/3
ƒ/861 ƒ/724 1/2
ƒ/912 ƒ/724 2/3
ƒ/967 ƒ/724 5/6
ƒ/1024 ƒ/1024
ƒ/1085 ƒ/1024 1/6
ƒ/1149 ƒ/1024 1/3
ƒ/1218 ƒ/1024 1/2
ƒ/1290 ƒ/1024 2/3
ƒ/1367 ƒ/1024 5/6
ƒ/1448 ƒ/1448
ƒ/1534 ƒ/1448 1/6
ƒ/1626 ƒ/1448 1/3
ƒ/1722 ƒ/1448 1/2
ƒ/1825 ƒ/1448 2/3
ƒ/1933 ƒ/1448 5/6
ƒ/2048 ƒ/2048