ExpoDev for iOS; Overview

Through all the revisions of ExpoDev over the years, the purpose of the program has remained unchanged; its aim is to provide serious photographers who work in large-format B&W with a tool that can be trusted to provide reliable exposure and development information, so that they can concentrate on the art of photography without being distracted by technical concerns.

Of course this information can be no better than the data that the photographer provides, so this version like previous versions has been integrated with the Plotter, an elegant program that analyzes the photographer’s own test data and calculates personalized working information for exporting to ExpoDev.

Although inexperienced amateurs can use the ExpoDev program with generally good results, it has really been developed for photographers who are familiar with BTZS principles and methods and who understand what the device is actually doing for them. It is, after all, just a tool; but it’s a very sophisticated tool that will perform best in the hands of equally sophisticated users.

How to get help

Please visit http://expodev.uservoice.com for all support requests.

Film Testing Service

The View Camera Store offers a film testing service for users who do not do their own film testing or do now own Plotter for Windows. Information on their service can be found here: http://ViewCameraStore.com or by contacting the View Camera Store.

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